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Tribute Wall


For all of those who intended to donate but didn’t
In Memory of Betty Olson by her daughter Judy Spanjers
In Celebration of 100 Vanderheydens
In memory of Duane Googins
In loving memory of Matt Thayer by his loving wife Irene
Thank you for all you do!


In Memory of Matthew Thayer by his wife, Irene Thayer
Cordella Schultz
In Memory of Sheri Cline
In Memory of Stu Bristol by his wife Jean for 10th year!
In support of Matt & Jane Mattick
In Honor of Greta Schmidt by Alison Jarvis
Make a difference!
In Honor and memory of Dick Digatono by the Digatono family
Happy birthday Sally Sander
In loving memory of Pat and Dick Digatono from Wayne and Betty Barrett
In Memory of Dick Digatono From Frank & Karen Ruzicka
Memorial for Dick Keefe from The Dick & Ann Keefe Family
In memory of Harry and Evelyn Spitzer
In memory of Matthew H. Thayer
In Honor of Mary & John Vanderheyden
In memory of Eileen Wienke from Katie's friend Millie Anderson
In memory of Eileen Wienke - Katie's sister by Henry & Patti Leonard
In memory of Eileen Wienke - Katie's sister by John & Amy Rouofus
Chad Lindbloom's gift in honor of Lisa Vanderheyden


For Jim and Kate
In Memory of Russ Anderson by Al & Christian McComber
Irene Thayer's gift in memory of Matthew Thayer
3 more memorials to Russ Anderson
In Loving Memory of Russ Anderson by Kevin & Heidi McDonald
In honor of Russell Anderson
In memory of Russell O. Anderson - Smyrna Elementary DLI Parents
In Loving Memory of Russell Anderson
In Memory of Russell Anderson - Ms. Tsvetkov - Brooklyn Middle School
In memory of Russell Anderson
In Memory of Russ Anderson
In memory of Russ Anderson
Happy Birthday Sally
In loving memory of Russell Anderson
In Loving Memory of Russ Anderson from Jim and Katie Van
In Memory of Russell Anderson- Team 8-1 Brooklyn Middle School


In Loving Memory of Steve Atkins
For Jim and Kate V
Merry Christmas Bridget!
In memory of Stu Bristol by his wife Jean on 9 occasions!
Continue your great work for the people of Tanzania.
Kurt Schierenbeck Donates Brad Koch's Christmas Present
Alison Jarvis donation on behalf of niece Greta Schmidt is clean water to the needy
Larry & Barb Claude's children wanted their Christmas gift money to go instead for water in Tanzania!!
Merry Christmas to our children and grandchildren from Farfar and Grandma Nellie
Happy birthday, Sally
In Loving Memory of Samuel Aguilera-Vanderheyden
In honor of Cathy David's beloved husband on his 55th birthday


In Honor of Lisa Vanderheyden & Lisa Ness by Catherine David Buley
David Schwartz donation in memory of Olli Salminen
Pat & John Roese send this Christmas gift to Kathleen & Steve Myers
Matt & Jane Mattick honor their children and grandchildren Soren & Tiffany Mattick, Gabe & Annika;Thor & Kristen Mattick, Tyreen & Bjorn; Joy Mattick; Katie & Eric Morrison; Paul & Lesley Downey, Paige & Claire
In honor of the marriage of Mike and Carlyn Vanderheyden on August 15, 2015 with Love from Lisa and Lisa
In Honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Dinah Patrykus by Phil & Marie Nistler
In honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Dinah Patrykus by Phil & Marie Nistler
In Memory of Stu Bristol by his wife Jean on 8 occasions
Larry & Barb Claude honor Mary Vanderheyden on her birthday!!!


Matt & Jane Mattick honor their children who serve St. Cloud, St. Paul, Burnsville, North Oaks, and Big Sky, but also give up their Christmas gifts so the money can go to others in need!!
Cathy David Buley sends her love in honor of Lisa and Lisa
In loving memory of Timothy DuFour, artist, visionary, friend, husband, and father
In Honor of Meshaal Rubin
In honor of the marriage of Christopher Claude & Fara Captain
In honor of my friends Lisa and Stacey at CH Robinson
In Memory of Vern H. Gerding


In honor of the children & grandchildren of Matt & Jane Mattick
In Honor of Lisa & Lisa's Wedding by Sohr's & Hagemann's
Kevin & Heidi Mc Donald pay tribute to his mother Barb on this Mothers Day 2013
In Loving Memory of Gin, Gerry, & Carolyn Ness by Jean E. Ness
In honor of The Friends and Family of Jacob and Emily Vanderheyden
Memorial Gift from The Children of Matt & Jane Mattick
The children of Matt and Jane Mattick
In honor of Vera Moher by David & Marybeth Lorbiecki Mataya
In honor of our children and grandchildren: the Matticks, Downeys and Morrisons, from Farfar and Grandma Nellie.
In Honor of The Vanderheyden and DuFour Families
In honor of The Vanderheyden & DuFour Families
In memory of Michael Pierce who honored the miracle that is water By his wife Diane
In memory of Ken Lawrence by his wife Marilyn
In honor of John Vanderheyden for all he does to make everyones life more positive and to make a difference. By Stuart & Randi Silverman.
A gift on behalf of Brad Koch
In memory of my husband Don Zigan
A Gift for Randy & Helene Frakes
A Gift for Connor & Jack Sammon
In Memory of Kimberly Jane Austin A Great Lady Steve & Kathleen
Kimberly Jane Austin
In Memory of Kimberly Jane Austin by 4 wonderful friends
Honoring the Engagement of Jonathan Stacy and Anne Vanderheyden
Honoring the Animal Lover on Her 6th Birthday - Gracie Lange
Honoring the Good Reader on His 9th Birthday - Ben Lange
Merry Christmas 2008 John and Mary
Merry Christmas John and Mary!
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! - Love, all the kids
Dan & Mary Kelly honor Rick Moher
Honoring John & Mary Vanderheyden for the work that they have done for the Tanzania Life Project
Mr. Bill LaMonte Beloved Science Teacher Former Tanzania Peace Corps Volunteer
Grace Marie Vanderheyden
In Memory of Athman Abdala
In honor of Russ Anderson
Gift Honoring Our Daughter-in-law Amy Mattson
Gift Honoring our Good Friends Larry & Barb Claude
Honoring our Good Friends Larry & Barb Claude
In Memory of Joe & Doris Shea
A Christmas Gift for Tom & Susan Lange
Chirstmas Gift for John & Mary Vanderheyden
Honoring the birthday of Lisa Vanderheyden
Birth of Ella Marie Vanderheyden
Tyce Daniel Musgrave
In memory of Edna Suits
Celebrating Jean McGinty's Profession As a 3rd Order Franciscan
Engagement of Bridget Vanderheyden and Brad Koch
Engagement of Cathy David and Beryl Jack Buley
Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Katie Vanderheyden
In Memory of Mary McCloud
In Memory of Catherine (Becker) Vanderheyden
In Memory of Floyd Vanderheyden
In Memory of Jim "Buck" Rader
In Memory of David G. Autey Jr.
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