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Maximizing Every Donation

We operate as a light and efficient organization, so that 95% of your donations go directly to our water projects. [Normally we run at 97% but chose to pre-pay several years for our new donor management system to save money]. 2023 begins our 18th year as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We take great pride in maximizing the proportion of our funds that go directly to benefit the people of Tanzania. Management of this organization is accomplished primarily by the volunteer and unpaid efforts of the TLP Leadership Team in the USA. This is the main reason for the low percentage of management expenses.

Operations and funding

Tanzania Life Project is funded through private donations. There are two fund drive mailings per year (April and November) which sustain the operations. Each fundraising appeal includes a newsletter that communicates the progress of TLP’s water installations in the Dodoma Region.

From its inception, Tanzania Life Project has accomplished the following:

  • Invested $3,260,000 in local projects
  • Installed new water systems in 18 villages
  • Brought clean water to over 86,000 people

Annual donations support budgeted expenses of approximately $250,000 to $280,000. This covers the installation of a full water system in one village per year. As the sketch below illustrates, a typical installation includes:

  • Cooling tank
  • Engine
  • Generator
  • Submersible Pump
  • Elevated resevior
  • Distribution points

Tanzania Life Project (USA) works in partnership with Tanzania Life Project (T), a local NGO in Tanzania which has an office located in Ipagala. Tanzania Life Project (T) manages all water installation contracts with local agencies and contractors in collaboration with Tanzania Life Project (USA).

Detailed information can be found on the Form 990 Federal Tax Forms linked below. Our operating procedures and conflict of interest forms are available upon request.


Charities Review Board

Charities Review Council is an independent organization that establishes minimum accountability standards for any non-profit wishing to receive their accreditation and seal of approval. To be certified, non-profits must comply with 27 accountability standards. Since 2008, Tanzania Life Project has met all of these comprehensive requirements which certifies use of this seal. By clicking on their seal, you will be routed to their "Smart Givers" website to confirm our accreditation.

501(c)(3) Letter

This letter means your generous donations are
100% tax-deductible

Tax Forms

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Annual Reports

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