Maximizing Every Donation

We operate as a light and efficient organization, so that 97% of our donations go directly to our water projects. 2018 begins our 12th year as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We take great pride in maximizing the proportion of our funds that go directly to benefit the people of Tanzania. Management of this organization is accomplished primarily by the volunteer and unpaid efforts of the Chair and Co-Founders James and Kathleen Vanderheyden. This is the main reason for the low percentage of management expenses.

Mode of Operation

Charities Review Board

This is an independent resource that established minimum accountability standards for any non-profit wishing to receive their certification - to use their seal of approval to increase public support. Every 3 years non-profits register to get recertified if they now comply with all 27 accountability standards. Since 2008, the Tanzania Life Project has met all of these comprehensive requirements and can thus use their seal. By clicking on their seal, you will be routed to their "Smart Givers" website to confirm our creditability.

501(c)(3) Letter

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100% tax-deductible

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